Working on Important (Not Urgent) Things



Most people prioritize the tasks with shorter deadlines, even though those tasks aren’t most important or valuable.


A simple, yet effective way to learn how to prioritize your tasks and be more productive is the Eisenhower Matrix. This is a time-management, productivity, and prioritization structure that helps you prioritize a list of tasks or agenda items by first categorizing them according to their urgency and importance.


To understand this table, you have to distinguish the terms urgent and important. Urgent concerns are ones that must be addressed right away. These are the concerns that surface and require your immediate attention. On the other side, important topics are those that contribute to long-term goals and life values. These products necessitate forethought and planning.


It’s very typical to struggle with prioritizing your most critical tasks, but with these simple tips, you’ll then be on your way to success.




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