The role of location advantages in company profitability: the case of Croatia.

The role of location advantages in company profitability: the case of Croatia.

The importance of location and distance was known since the rise of civilizations. When the urbanization process spanned most parts of the northern and southern hemispheres, people started to be harshly aware of the still accepted fact – the location makes the difference. The question is, what differences does Croatia offer?

Plenty is the word that would describe it as the briefest. However, at SGS, the quality comes first and the speed after that. When urbanization started to be the science at the beginning of the 20th century, many questions and theories arose.[1]


One of them was Christelle’s Central Place theory that supported the idea of the cities spread into space. Depended on one of another as the points of the geometrical shape, where cities’ size would vary on their hierarchy range, and top of the hierarchy would be the cities that held the most important functions for the society[2]. Why was it essential to study the arrangement of the cities? The economy exists on the ground principle of the input and output model, without which it would not remain, nor economy, not society. Therefore, it is the main goal for the buyers to have easy access to the goods and sellers to sell their goods with minimum costs of operations for the maximum price. It is known that, in most cases, what the distance is further, the costs are higher, not only for the seller but also for the buyer. Overall, it is not convenient to sell chicken eggs from other parts of the world, especially if you have a local concurrent. Many theories were developed to be highly efficient in their functions, such as Burgess’s, Hoyt’s and Ullman’s Urban Area Models[3]. Only when familiar with the city’s importance and its development can it look at the bigger picture – the state.

Croatia built out of many cities, villages, and landscapes, including mountains, hills, valleys, beaches, islands, and many more. Croatia is the state thanks to which the particular type of landscape got its name, and it’s called – Doline & Polje – which are landforms of karst. Not only does Croatia have 718 islands, 389 islets and 78 reefs, but it is rich with 18 big harbours along its 5.835,1 km long coastline [4], and they can receive a container, liquid, bulk cargo etc. [5], it also has 50 marinas that attract numerous tourists, business people and see-lovers [6]. Through Croatia passes a few essential European corridors connecting Baltic and Adriatic, Main and Dunav and Budapest with southwest Europe, which is only when talking about land traffic! Croatia is in the southeast of Europe, yet in the middle of it, with countless possibilities of connection, open to countries of east and west, is only 22nd on the list of all European countries considering the costs of living, [7] which makes Croatia highly affordable to invest in and enjoy. It offers low prices of operations, but it ensures businesses, quality and comfortable life, and many possibilities for spreading the ideas since it has well-educated people and many experienced individuals. With a little more than 4 million citizens, it has more than 20 private Colleges and more than 10 Universities that collaborate with Hungarian, German, Austrian, Italian and many more European and Asian Universities for decades. Already the ancient Romans met the beauties and values of Croatian territory, and in the 19th century, Croatians island Vis is considered the Gibraltar of the Adriatic. [8]


Now is the time for new daring and ambitious conquerors to find their treasure gold in here!

SGS is stationed in Croatia to hand the clients admirable solutions for an affordable price. Our workforce consists of skilled and accomplished enthusiasts who are ready to strive for their best. Our location allows us to be at the reach of the hand to Budapest, Ljubljana, Vienna, Munich, Venice and many more. We are focused on technological development and the usage of state-of-the-art programs. Nevertheless, we are connected with our clients, both concerning the physically and the virtual distance. That makes us reliable, trustworthy, and profitable. The great thing is, if you are ready to achieve, even more, we are looking for a partner that will keep growing with us! Will you grab the chance?

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