Exploring Podim 2023 – Premier Startup & Tech Event in Maribor, Slovenia

In the heart of Maribor, Slovenia, the bustling city known for its vibrant startup ecosystem, our Investment team had the privilege of attending Podim 2023. This two-day event, widely recognized as the most influential startup and tech gathering in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region, provided a unique opportunity for us to connect with investors, present our investment proposal, and forge valuable partnerships with like-minded individuals.


Unveiling Podim

Where Innovation Meets Business Opportunities: Over the past decade, the event has emerged as the pivotal regional platform that seamlessly blends learning, networking, and dealmaking. Its evolution into Podim has brought forth an unparalleled environment for creating value by connecting distinguished international investors, established corporations, startups, and scaleups from the Alps-Adriatic and Western Balkans regions. As participants, we quickly realized that Podim DX serves as a gateway, opening doors to new networking opportunities, dealmaking prospects, and the invaluable exchange of experience. 


The Power of Participation

Participating in Podim represents a chance for startups and scaleups to pitch their ventures directly to investors during the Podim Pitching Competition. This competitive environment allows them to seek out potential investors and corporate partners, while also gaining access to mentoring opportunities from a pool of over 80 experienced speakers, founders, and mentors. The event becomes a springboard for entrepreneurial success, offering a platform to showcase their ideas and connect with individuals who share a passion for innovation.

Likewise, investors are drawn to Podim DX to meet the 175 most promising startups and scaleups, enrich their investment portfolios, and engage in numerous scheduled meetings over three days. The event catalyzes investor collaboration, enabling them to exchange insights and network with their peers. By actively participating in Podim DX, investors can stay ahead of the curve and discover groundbreaking opportunities within the startup ecosystem.

Moreover, business executives find immense value in attending this event. With the opportunity to connect with the most promising startups and scaleups, they can identify lean and agile business partners who can drive innovation within their organizations. The event facilitates a multitude of meetings and interactions, fostering a dynamic environment that promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing. By immersing themselves in the experience, business executives gain insights from experienced speakers, founders, mentors, and industry peers, and witness firsthand the next big ideas that have the potential to reshape industries.


A Memorable Experience at Podim 2023

During our two-day journey at Podim  2023, our Investment team engaged with over 50 interested parties, engaging in thought-provoking conversations and sharing our innovative Department as a Solution (DaaS) approach. The event provided an optimal platform for us to connect with potential investors, establish valuable connections, and showcase our investment proposal. The participants’ vibrant atmosphere and palpable enthusiasm created an electric ambiance that fueled our passion for driving change and pushing the boundaries of innovation.


Closing thoughts

Podim 2023 proved to be an extraordinary experience for our Investment team from Scalable Global Solutions. This premier startup and tech event in Maribor, Slovenia, seamlessly integrated innovation, business opportunities, capital, and knowledge, offering an unparalleled environment forging connections. From engaging with investors and presenting our investment proposal to meeting inspiring founders and mentors, Podim showcased the transformative power of collaboration and networking. As we reflect on our time at Podim, we eagerly anticipate future partnerships and opportunities. 







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