Partnership Executive Summary

Partnership Executive Summary

Scalable Global Solutions JSC


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Tired of keeping up with the competition ?

Facing challenges in acquiring customers with your existing solutions ?

Interested in continuous revenue stream ?

Looking for partnership promotions that really bring profit to your company ?



Scalable Global Solutions is a tech-enabled company from Croatia, built for today’s world of work.

We make it easy to implement, employ, pay, support & manage teams and departments.

By creating DaaS [Department as a Solution], we solve four key issues for our clients:

[icon type=”icon-check” color=”#cc1521″] Business Growth

[icon type=”icon-check” color=”#cc1521″]Operational cost reduction up to 50%

[icon type=”icon-check” color=”#cc1521″]Finding and Keeping Employees

[icon type=”icon-check” color=”#cc1521″]Efficiency increase by 15%




HQ: Zagreb, Croatia

Industry: B2B Solutions, HR, SaaS, BPO, Managed Office

Number of employees: 50 to 100

The Future of Employment

DaaS [Department as a Solution] is an industry agnostic solution, covering 8 core corporate segments.

Create your own team with DaaS and onboard employees with ease.








How does DaaS work?


1. Client Requirements Plan


• Candidate specifications
• Number of employees
• Level of expertise
• Language skills
• Additional skills

2. SGS Recruitment Process

• Global search for local placement
• Recruitment network in the CEE region and globally
• Filter candidates that match the job description

3. Client Selection


• Interview
• Evaluate
• Decide

4. SGS Integration

• Employing the candidates
• Payroll and local law compliance
• Dedicate office space and equipment
• Whole department = one monthly invoice

5. Client Integration


• New hires integrated
as clients’ employees
• New team is ready and
set to work
• Exclusively managed
by the client


Discover Partners Certifications levels and opportunities

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Certification levels: Consultant, Basic, Premium, Gold

Specializations: develop your expertise in specific technology areas, as well as in people, process, and infrastructure practices

  • Commission on every deal’s net amount
  • Partner Programs
  • Partner Promotions
  • Back-end rebates
  • Free access to SGS Partner Intranet
  • Free training materials to boost your manager’s sales knowledge
  • Free marketing materials
  • Seminars, partner events and partner network
  • Deal registrations support
  • Deal calculations support
  • Dedicated SGS Channel Manager
  • lead generation dedicated team
  • service and support department
  • deal calculation support

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Channel Team

For your convenience, please contact us for any question or information.


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