Senior Accountant

Company overview

Scalable Global Solutions d.d. (SGS) is a Croatian-based company, we blend EMEA and NEARSHORE resources to provide comprehensive business solutions, shaping the Future of Work for employees while simultaneously providing comprehensive business solutions that are highly cost-efficient for our clients. 

SGS is a Hight-Tech Software and the first DaaS ‘Department as a Solution’ provider. DaaS enables clients to build high-quality and tailor-made teams in Sales, HR, Operations, Back Office, IT, Finance, Marketing, and Customer Care. The department is under the direct lead and management of the client while reducing administrative procedures and costs. 

One of our clients is currently looking for a Senior Accountant who prioritizes smart, efficient, and sustainable practices that will join the team.

Position Title
Senior Accountant
Skilled Non-Management
Language Skills
English C1 is a must, German is a plus
Professional Skills
  • Possession of a University degree in Economics or Accountancy 
  • Demonstrated experience of at least 5 years in roles of a similar nature
  • Proficiency in accounting and adept understanding of tax regulations
  • Strong command of spoken and written English (proficiency in German is an advantage but not mandatory)
  • Proficiency in MS Office suite, particularly advanced Excel skills
  • Ability to collaborate effectively within a team, coupled with a systematic approach to work, independence, proactive problem-solving, and a strong sense of responsibility towards task completion.
Education (min)
  • University degree in Economics

  • Hight School of Economics + Certification in Accounting

Willingess to Travel (%)
Reports to
Finance department
  • Permanent employment

  • Education budget

  • Snacks and free beverages 

Role description

  • Perform ongoing bookkeeping services encompassing cash register accounting, tax obligation booking, and reconciliation, as well as maintenance of the Fixed Asset Register, adhering to local GAAP standards.

  • Coordinate the preparation and submission of VAT returns and associated documentation to ensure full compliance with local regulations and facilitate reconciliation processes.

  • Generate monthly reports to provide comprehensive insights into financial performance and facilitate decision-making processes.

  • In charge of the monthly payroll services, including accurate salary, bonus, and benefits calculations.

  • Manage salary calculations for new hires and handle employee registrations, deregistrations, and modifications with Croatian Health and Social Insurance Institutes.

  • Ensure timely preparation and submission of annual and half-annual financial statements, including:

    •   Compiling and submitting annual statutory financial statements for public announcements, incorporating comprehensive notes and decisions.

    •   Preparing and submitting annual statutory financial statements for statistical purposes.

    •   Compiling and submitting Corporate Income Tax returns alongside requisite documentation and calculations.


The necessary skills the person should attain are:

  • Good organizational and administrative skills

  • Excellent data processing and IT skills

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Being able to deal with various projects at a time, problem-solving skills

  • Strong attention to detail

Personal characteristics

  • Result-driven mindset: Demonstrates a deep understanding of delivering outcomes promptly, within budget constraints, and maintaining high-quality standards.

  • Strong analytical prowess: Exhibits exceptional analytical and communication skills essential for dissecting complex financial data and conveying insights effectively.

  • Confident decision-making: Possesses healthy self-assurance and adeptness in swiftly grasping and assessing situational contexts.

  • Open-mindedness and success-oriented: Displays a proactive attitude and is motivated by achieving successful outcomes.

  • Strategic thinker: Capable of seamlessly integrating into new and demanding projects while aligning actions with broader organizational goals.

  • Collaborative and influencive: Fosters effective collaboration and excels in influencing stakeholders to achieve collective objectives.