Junior Account Manager (F/M/D)

Company overview

Scalable Global Solutions d.d. (SGS) is a Croatian-based company, we blend EMEA and NEARSHORE resources to provide comprehensive business solutions, shaping the Future of Work for employees while simultaneously providing comprehensive business solutions that are highly cost-efficient for our clients. 

SGS is a Hight-Tech Software and the first DaaS ‘Department as a Solution’ provider. DaaS enables clients to build high-quality and tailor-made teams in Sales, HR, Operations, Back Office, IT, Finance, Marketing, and Customer Care. The department is under the direct lead and management of the client while reducing administrative procedures and costs. 

At the core of our DNA, SGS has earned a reputation for creating high-impact solutions, helping our clients increase significance, efficiency & profitability. DaaS will bring a global paradigm shift by serving as a progressive advisor & facilitator to our client's professional endeavours. 

MISSION: "We WORK & YOU GROW" - SGS optimizes the efficiency & effectiveness of our client's value chain and business success. We enable our client's business success and growth with our DaaS "Department as a Solution". We help them to move into the 21st century. Our focus is to drive, create and optimize our client's impact in their market by making them more successful. 

VISION: To become the global DaaS provider. To change how future generations will work, live & play—introducing a new concept to clients that enable them to become more successful and competitive. 

Position Title
Junior Account Manager (F/M/D)
Account Management
Language Skills
Professional Skills

Your Qualification:

  • Experienced with Microsoft Office & CMS platforms.

  • Excellent communication skills are a must. We require a person with excellent communication and presentation skills in English. 

  • Strong work ethic and structured approach.

  • Ability to work independently and thrive in a fast-paced environment.

  • Flexibility, adaptability, and quick to learn new skills.

  • Positive outlook and a strong ability to take responsibility and be accountable for own actions.

  • Fluency in English language

  • Bachelor's degree 


  • Any additional language is a plus

  • Previous knowledge of a CRM software

Zagreb, Croatia
Education (min)

Bachelor Degree

Reports to

Working benefits:

  • Relocation package

  • Flexible working hours

  • Permanent employment

  • Possibility to participate in educational workshops

  • Snacks and free beverages

Role description

    • Scheduling Calls and Meetings with potential and existing clients to identify, qualify, and maximize sales opportunities.
    • Active sales by direct calls to target individuals and POCs in clients and direct calls through reception or other departments of the company, in the absence of direct contact of the target POCs.
    • Identifying and actively acquiring potential customers via direct telephone calls and social network contact (LinkedIn, Xing, ISL).
    • Continually generating new revenue and new clients inflow, according to directly defined goals and KPI indicators that will be set and structured by direct management.
    • Providing an adequate and professional presentation of the products and services of the company. 
    • Continually updating all the products and services of the company in the internal database, and in customer presentation materials.
    • Preparing sales reports, updating notes, and tracking calls and activities in SGS One CRM. 
    • Updating and maintaining account records, including names and contact numbers for future sales, as well as relevant comments.
    • Participating in the daily/ weekly training sessions & getting a good grasp of the subjects in question.
    • Accomplishment 50% of the monthly target for achieved Introduction Calls in the starting month, in accordance with the Bonus Agreement.


    • Excellent communication skills

    • Business literacy in Croatian and English  (German/Italian/French is a plus)

    • Time management

    • Organization skills

    • Attention to detail

    • Accountable

    • Persistent

    Personal characteristics

    Result orientation: The ideal candidate has a clear understanding of what it means and takes to deliver results on time, on budget and on quality.

    Analytical skills: The ideal candidate has excellent analytical and communicative skills. The candidate has healthy self-confidence and easily understands and evaluates the given situation.

    Open-minded and driven by success: He/ She has the ability to quickly drive ideas into solutions while helping to provide input and help the team.

    Strategic orientation: The candidate is quickly able to work and integrate himself into new and challenging projects.