How do we create your next department?

Scalable Global Solutions focuses on driving and creating a real, positive change on our clients’ impact in their market. We achieve this through our unique service – Department as a Solution (DaaS).


DaaS enables companies to create and build their remote teams and departments, in our offices, in Croatia.


Our game-changing solution is that our clients:

  • Get access to a worldwide talent pool.
  • Handpick who they want to hire.
  • Do not need to create a subsidiary to commence operations and hire employees.
  • Can easily manage their new team and department with our SGS ONE software.


DaaS presents the future of employment to SMBs and SMEs in Europe that have issues such as:

  • Driving efficiency: cost optimization, value chain improvement, and increasing global competition.
  • Talent issues: finding and keeping skilled employees is a crucial challenge for nearly 50% of businesses in 2022. Having a highly-skilled employee base is vital for innovation and further growth.
  • There are no business optimization tools in place: this manifests in not using state-of-the-art processes.


DaaS is an industry agnostic solution covering eight core corporate segments.​ Click on each solution to find out more.


The client retains 100% control over their team and their day-to-day activities.
By having a remote-based and employed team in Croatia, the client ends up with a 50% more affordable team than in, e.g. Central, Northern or Western Europe.


How does DaaS work?


1. Client Requirements Plan

  • Candidate specifications
  • Number of employees
  • Level of expertise
  • Language skills
  • Additional skills

2. SGS Recruitment Process

  • Global search for local placement
  • Recruitment network in the CEE region and globally
  • Filter candidates that match the job description

3. Client Selection

  • Interview
  • Evaluate
  • Decide

4. SGS Integration

  • Employing the candidates
  • Payroll and local law compliance
  • Dedicate office space and equipment
  • Whole department = one monthly invoice

5. Client Integration

  • New hires integrated as clients’ employees
  • New team is ready and set to work
  • Exclusively managed by the client

SGS, as the Employer of Record, empowers companies to commence operations in Croatia quickly and compliantly, without the costs and time restraints associated with establishing a new local entity/subsidiary.


Want to learn more about DaaS?

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