German employment

Growing IT industry

By 2019, the total number of IT companies in Germany was 95.808, which is still growing. The demand for skilled developers is higher than ever. Many developers from other countries decide to move to Germany because of the higher living standards and bigger salaries.


New twist in the industry

After the world faced a global pandemic at the beginning of 2020, many people started working remotely. This makes a twist in the working industry because it showed everyone it is possible to have a remote department or even a whole company and still stay productive and show good results.


IT industry in Croatia

There is a growing interest in programming in Croatia, and more and more young people have decided to follow this path. This new form of business opened the eyes to many people that they can work for a more developed country like Germany but remain in their home country. DaaS is an excellent opportunity to help German companies build their remote department in Croatia, save costs, and grow their business.



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