Emergence 2022 London –Wrap up


We are proud to have participated at our first business conference in London, where we gave an excellent presentation and made an even better impression.

The Emergence conference, hosted by Wholesale Investor throughout the day, had approx. Four hundred attendees: various family office representatives, HNW individuals, consultants, advisors, and potential clients and business partners. Mr. Steve Torsoof the Wholesale Investor network gave the opening speech, followed by a series of 8-min presentations from each exhibiting company, including SGS. The venue was at the Chartered Accountants’ Hall at One Moorgate Place, located in the very town centre of London. Our booth was situated at the hall entrance, which proved to be an excellent thing as all people leaving the hall had to pass by us.

We have met many interesting people, industry experts, potential investors, clients and business partners with whom we are looking forward to doing business. The Emergence conference was a success on multiple fronts, and the SGS team is looking forward to the following discussions.




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