Digipool is Finland’s fresh, agile & modern recruitment and resourcing agency. They use artificial intelligence and an extensive personal network to provide a flawless customer experience and stellar results. With its business growing and wanting to have a better global outreach, company intends to improve its day-to-day operations and have the ability to track project assignments.



Scalable Global Solutions presented Digipool with the SGS ONE software and its HR module.


Client outcome

The user-friendliness of the SGS ONE CRM software helped improve Digipool’s business processes across the whole company. They can now streamline its day-to-day activities across departments clearly and concisely. With the HR module, the recruitment process is optimised: easily tracking candidates across projects and generating unified reports with a few clicks. Satisfied with the outcome of using the SGS ONE, company has decided to become our Channel Partner as well for the Nordics.

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