3 Stages of Buying to Win Your Ideal Client

As a salesperson, you have limited time with clients, even your dream clients whom you can help most and can reap the greatest results from teaming with you. They have limited time (and sometimes, patience) for salespeople, so it’s your mission to create value for them during each sales interaction.

Sounds basic enough. But how do you create the kind of value that makes it easy for your clients to move forward with you? The easiest and best way is to serve them where they are in their buying process now—one of the following stages.

1. Ask for help.

A key factor in dealing with change is asking for help. Examine your family, your friends and your team, and determine those people who would be best equipped to help you with your current life changes. I believe that when you do, you will find that there are a lot of people who care about you and are willing to help you figure out how to respond to the changes.

2. Re-frame your perspective.

I recently lost my father, and I was having a hard time dealing with the loss as we were very, very close. I re-framed my thinking and determined that I was now the patriarch of the family and was in charge of the legacy moving forward. Sometimes change is hard, but we can always re-frame our perspective.

3. Look for positives.

As your dream clients work through the process of deciding what to purchase and who to buy from, they will reach a stage where they deal with their fears and concerns. They worry, “Will this work?” They wonder, “Are we making the right decision?” and “Can we trust these people to do what they say they will do and to do it when they say they will?” Usually, they struggle to arrive at answers. This is especially true when the decision is big, expensive, complex or risky.

At this stage, create value by helping your clients resolve their concerns. You provide proof where proof is needed. You provide answers to questions that are causing lingering doubts. You also provide references or whatever your prospective client needs to be 100% confident in moving forward with you.

So figure out where your clients are in their buying process and then step up and meet the corresponding needs. You’ll win the value game every time.


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